Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Foiled Plan - new Freebie

I am not totally in love with this kit, but we were restricted to a specific color palate, and they just werent my colors, although i do love the teal. I dont hate the kit, its just not my favorite.

You can pick it up in the brownie scraps store this week, along with several other designer challenge free kits! and there are definitely some great ones this week!

Make sure you come back tomorrow, as tomorrow i will be posting a preview of the kit ( well one of them ) that will debut in the Brownie Scraps store on November first. After posting the preview for each of the 10 days between tomorrow and Nov 1st, I will offer up a piece or two of the kit for free, but the links will only be up for 1 day each, so you need to make sure you stop by and visit every day. If you do, you'll have yourself a nice little mini kit, and can then pick up the rest of the kit in the store if you chose to.

As a little thanks for stopping by, here is a Quick Page with A Foiled Plan, to go with your new free kit!

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Paula's ponderings said...

I do like the colours in this beacause they are different from the norm. There are a lot of kits about that are autumn and halloween themed so this is a refreshing change. TFSQ