Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Brownies and New Doggy Familys

What a great ( and long, tiring, exhausting, busy, hectic, chaotic, fun ) day this was. To start with I got that Halloween kit out there for you guys, and so far you seem to be loving it, which of course makes my day. But what really made my day, is the 6 dogs that have new families tonight. They are no longer homeless foster dogs, but family pets. Members of families. That seriously makes me feel good. Seriously. So all your prayers and good wishes for us today that i asked for this morning? they worked. We only adopted out 1 yesterday, and by 5pm today, 6!! Sorry I'm sorta bouncing off the walls about that. And they were good dogs that went. I mean really good, not just the normal good. Jed, the aussie shep mix, who got rescued on his last day, and then his foster went wacko and tossed him out, we re-rescued him, and now tonight he is a doted upon spoiled member of a very large and loving family. Roy - the 8 year old half blind shepard, got a home to live out his days in. and all the others, all great dogs. Anyway, I'll stop babbling now.

That kit that I told you would be over at Brownie Scraps this week? Its there. And its about babies! we all love babies! and this week, you get an entire selection of kits about babies, for FREE!!! so go check it out, and download it while you are there.
Celebrate Baby

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