Tuesday, March 31, 2009

getting a bit edgy, and a new CU sampler and grab bag

Masks Set 1
Masks Set 2

I know I know, its been to long since my last update. But I've been super busy ( ok I'm sorry, enough excuses ). Weve got another designer challenge started up this week over at Brownie Scraps, Plus we selected our new guest CTs ( well be looking for new guests in about 2 months! ) and then of course ive been making some new stuff for you guys.

The most exciting news is, its finally my turn to give away brownie bytes! Leslie and I teamed up for April, and so first thing tomorrow morning, I will be kicking off our fantastic Brothers and sisters kit, with download number 1 !! That will be over at the Brownie Scraps Blog
Here is the picture of that download !

Also I am going to be started the DSA Design challenge tomorrow, which is gonna mean even more freebies!

Anyway, what do I have for you is what you really want to know right? Well If you head over to the Brownie Scraps CT blog, Tiffany posted a sample of my masks to give away. Ill have 2 full sets of these masks in the store for you tomorrow as well! While you are over at the CT blog, be sure and leave Helen and Melody, my guest CTs a little congrats and welcome to the team!

Plus Ive got my brand new CU grab bag going into the store tomorrow. Now I generally try and get one done each month, but I just didnt get one finished for March, so April's is huge! there are over 50 items in this grab bag, and come the begining of May, I will be splitting this up into 6 different CU packs, so get it now while you can get all that for just $5! Plus, Ive got a little CU sampler for you!

Other than that, Im working on the kit that the brownie forum girls chose my colors for me, and its coming along nicely. I might even have it finished by next weeks bake sale for you ( lets keep our fingers crossed )

Also, ( i know, as if i havent rambled enough right? ) pay attention here, ( signing up on the box in the top right corner is a great way to know when i update, and i almost always have something free when i update ) because soon I am gonna be starting a new thing for everyone, so stay tuned for details on that soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sometimes ya just need a makeover, and something for free

So its been a crazy few weeks for me. Ive had this cold that just wont go away, and the kids have been sick. And its no fun being on a diet, with no sick food in the house, with everyone in the house sick, and your husband away. Seriously people trust me, not fun. Anyway, because of all this I am way behind on my designing schedule, but today i found time to just sit down and play with some of my fellow Brownie Bakers kits. Oh , and a bit of a blog makeover too! Sometimes ya just want something new to cheer you up.

So pick up some free word art here( just click the preview of the word art to download or click the layouts to view the kits that made them ), and then go buy yourself some new kits after seeing these layouts to show just what you can do with the new kits i treated myself to =).

And! if you want to be the first to know about it when I come out with a new kit, or a free goody or something else cool happens around here then look in the top right sidebar and enter your email and subscribe! then when I post something new ( and i very rarely post something without some sort of freebie attatched! ) you will get an email of it in your inbox. how cool is that?

I promised it, so here you go!

I promised that i would show you all the amazing layouts that my CT did with my new kit " Where Angel's Glisten. But I am gonna go one better than just posting them here, I am sending you to their blog, where they have a chance for you to win the entire kit for free!! So head over, ooooh and ahhhh over their layouts, and try to win the kit!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So excited to show you this kit!!

I really hope you all love this kit as much as I do. But if you don't well, atleast I'm happy with it right? My favorite scene in the book Twilight ( i think they royally screwed up this scene in the movie, so lets not go there ) is when Edward takes her to his meadow, and allows her to truly see him for the first time. To me that was such a magical place and a magical moment. I really do consider Edward sort of Bella's angel, and I think she is his angel as well. So this kit, is about that magic, that amazing beautiful place, where angels sparkle. One of my fantastic CT members, Tiffany named this kit for me, because I just could not come up with exactly the right name for this kit. Speaking of our CT they have done such an amazing job with layouts for this kit, that I am going to give them a post all of their own. They really have outdone themselves. I will show those to you tomorrow.

These are a few layouts I've done with this kit. If you like the desktop that i did with this kit, that is all twilight Meadow-y you may pick it up for free HERE, at the size of 1280x1024.

In the meantime, this kit will be released for 35% off tomorrow for our bakesale. And ive got a free quickpage for you to celebrate.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the Winner is!!!!

I used random.org to generate a random number to draw our winner, and the winner of the $25 gift certificate is Mrs. E! So Mrs E just send me an email at dreamersmagic.com or PM me at Brownie Scraps, and ill get that gift certificate to you right away!