Thursday, April 30, 2009

the blog train is here! choo choo!!

The blog train has begun!! we are all working on getting our links up now, if they arent there when you go, check back later!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! dont forget to check the post below this for the Brownie Scraps Schedule of events for this weekend!! Plus ive got my brand new CU grab bag in the stores, and all the products from april's bag are now being sold seperately!!

this is the fantastic kit you will have if you go collect all the free pieces!!

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Ramona's Blog - Designs by Ramona -
Bethany's Blog - Scrappin' Daisies -
**you are here-Kelly's Blog - Dreamers Magic Designs -
Leslie's Blog - Dragonfly Designs -
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Brownie Scraps Store -

Do you want to pick up a second kit for free? Then make sure to check out our May Brownie Bytes, designed by myself and Dragonfly Designs!! We give away a "byte" a day and at the end of the month you will have all the kit, and we even let you make up links you missed!

Download here

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NSD, Revealed grab bag, and free QPs!

Ive got tons of stuff to share with you all today ( as usual right? ) Weve got our new store collab coming out tomorrow, and ive got 2 quick pages for you from it!! Plus tomorrow My APril grab bag will be split into 6 different products, and my May grab bag will hit the stores. The bonus? if you visit the forums today you can see a sneak peak of whats inside the grab bag!!

Also ive got a schedule of events for you for our National Scrapbooking Day festivities and Sales! you could win $50 to Brownie Scraps, how cool is that?

I also want to share with you a layout made by Danielle with my Antique Garden kit.

Plus make sure to come back here this weekend, to pick up my part of our blog train!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And the Winner is!!!!

The subscriber with the email address starting in Purecountry is our winner! I used to generate a number, then counted down the list till arriving at the email address corresponding with the number that generated to keep it fair!!

Sorry for those that did not win, but you can still go pick it up for 25% off today, AND get the clustered fillers free!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

QP #3 and Antique Garden Official Release!!

**click preview to visit store**

Its finally here!! Ive got your final quick page for you from antique garden
plus, the kit itself! Also if you step by Jenn, one of my CTs blog, you can pick up yet another QP! If you havent subscribed yet for your chance to win, ( details in previous post ) tonight is the last chance, ill be chosing a winner first thing in the morning

ive shared the QPs, The kit, and layouts done by me, tonight I am gonna show you QP done by my amazing CT
By Tiffany

By Jenn ( and hit her blog here to see another layout and a quick page! )

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three ways to WIN! and todays QP and previews

Are you excited for Antique Garden yet? Yesterday I showed you the kit, today I am going to show you the fillers that Coordinate with the kit. And if you buy this kit on its release day ( thursday the 23rd,) you get the fillers to go with it for free!!! I also promised you a way to win the kit for free, so read on down, and i will let you know exactly how you can do it! Ive also got some great layouts to show you of this kit as well!!

I'll be showing you my CTs amazing layouts tomorrow, but today I want to show you 2 by me. The first one uses the fillers, my masks released last week, and Antique Garden

Next, is the one that todays QuickPage is based on. I took this photo on our move from Maryland to Arizona. We swang out of the way a bit, so that we could visit ChurchHill Downs, which has always been a dream of mine. It was also bitter sweet, because we were moving away from the place id lived my entire life, to go to the complete otherside of the country. Reflecting on the new chapter of my life, standing at that finish line was very moving and inspirational for myself.

And of course, your Quickpage for today

**click the preview to download the free quick page**
Now I promised you could win this kit for free and you have 3 chances to do exactly that!! First - see the feedburner in the top right corner of this page? enter your email address there to subsribe to my list, and youll get email updates with all my new content. I 95% of the time have something for free when i post, so its worth your time. On thursday, I will email one person off my feedburner subscribers, with a coupon to get this kit for free.

Next chance - go to either DST or DSA, and respond to this thread! I will be picking winners on thursday. its that easy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

are you ready??

Its on its way!! This week I am finally releasing Antique Garden!! To celebrate the release, i will have a QP each day, until the kit is released!! And tomorrow I will have details on how you can WIN the kit for FREE!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of Bake sale goodies!!

Oh my goodness we have so much for you this week!!

Ramona should be going into labor sometime this week, so that means keep a VERY close eye on the store for the special welcome noah kit, cause it will be 50% off the entire time shes in labor!!

Next : Lucas Loves, the kit Leslie made for my son is in the store as a mystery kit!! i love love love this kit, and so does Lucas!! I showed you my layouts with it in the last post.

Next: Ramona is releasing Paris In April, and if you buy it this week you get the coordinating fillers free!!

Next: Bethany is releasing Dancing Toes, yet another amazing wonderful kit that i just love. Its got lots of little ballerina and other dancer stuff in it too! again, scroll back a few posts to see my layouts with it!

and as for me:

ive got Clustered Fillers:Where Angels Glisten and a brand new set of Messy Masks for you! Plus i unveiled my mystery kit from last week!! - Sweet Simplicity

I will also be announcing my brand new CT additions very soon!

Last but not least, ive got a free quick page made with the filler clusters! And if you like the clusters on the masks preview, they will be available along with their matching kit " antique garden " next week!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lots of good news!

Hello everyone! are you enjoying our daily downloads ( Brownie Bytes ) each day on the Brownie Scraps blog? I hope so! dont forget if you have missed a day you can pop into the forum and pick them up!! Here is todays

If you missed our speed scrap yesterday, you can still make it up for about another 10 hours, and get the free Easter word tags.

There are still 2 more days to apply for my CT so what are you waiting for ? go send me a PM on the brownie scraps forum, before its to late! it will be several months before i do another one, if not longer, so dont miss this chance!!

On wed ill have a free quick page for you ( and i think its just gorgeous, its from this layout ) and also I will be unveiling my 2 new products hitting the store this week, and maybe a sneak peak of next weeks!!

Don't forget to sign up on my feedburner if you always want to be one of the first to know when i add something new!

as far as the good news i mentioned, my mommy is coming to visit on may 2nd!! im sooo excited, i cant wait! shell be here may 2nd - 6th, and thats less than 3 weeks away!! and then donnie will be home sometime after may 9th, the latest hell leave there is the 16th, so then just travel time, and hell be home!!!

Lucas turned 3 on friday, and had a pretty good day. My friend Leslie ( Dragonfly Designs ) will be releasing the kit she made me for him! its full of all the stuff little boys like him love, and if you have a little boy i promise you will LOVE this kit. My son even loves it, he hops in my lap to look at it any time im working with it. Here are two layouts ive done with it so far. It will also be released on thursday! Its gonna be 50% off the first week so put it on your budget and calandar to come buy it!!

If you like the first layout, it was made with Unconditional

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Layouts with Sweet Simplicity

Sweet Simplicity is in the store! to help tempt your taste buds into this sweet mystery kit here are a few layouts to give you a little clue whats inside.

Plus here is a quick page for you, of the first layout! Do you wish you could get to play with my kits for FREE like these girls did? then check out my CT call!

By Me

By Denise

By Eileen

By Ryan

Sweet Simplicity, Free Word play, and Dancing Toes

Afternoon ( look at this, im not waiting till wed night to give you the low down on everything thats getting released! ). Tomorrow is bake sale day again!!

So here is what I have for you. You all in the forums picked the colors for my next kit, and the kit is ready! So since you picked the colors, and we didnt get the 100 people to vote, for it to be free, what I am doing is giving it to you as a mystery kit. That way you can pick it up for 50% off! so go grab it this week, before it is revealed and is full price!!

If you followed a direct link to this post, be sure and go to the main page to see newer posts, cause ill be back later with some layouts from the mystery kit!!!

Next, i was in a creating mood this afternoon, so i whipped up a nice little word play set for you. nothing much, just something to add a little jazz to your layouts, ya know?

Anyway, the really exciting news is that weve got several other kits being released by the other designers at Brownie Scraps too. Leslie is releasing Mother Earth, Bethany is releasing Dancing toes which i had the pleasure of playing with pre release ( edit: apparently dancing toes is NOT going live until april 16th, so you have to wait another week. so sorry. but atleast you get a sneak peek! ), and I think that Ramona has some nifty new CU overlays for you all. So you HAVE to go to the store tomorrow, and pick up all these great bake sale goodies!! Here are some layouts I did with Bethany's new kit

Friday, April 3, 2009

A few exciting announcements! and of course a freebie ( or two )

OK ok, i really need to stop doing this. hitting you with everything at once. it just seems to happen that way.

I decided to join in on the Funky Playground Designs designer contest. Wanna see my week 1 submission?

The full size kit will be in the brownie scraps store next month.

***While this mini kit is no longer available for free download, please check the post from April 20th, to learn how you can win a chance at this full sized kit free!!! The full size kit will be available at Brownie Scraps on APril 23rd!

Now, to top it off, I am having a CT Call! If you like my designs, this is your chance to get in on the action. all the pre release product news, getting my designs before everyone else, for free! doesnt get much better than that does it??

And of course, go pick up our free Brownie Byte for today!