Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cut them off! and new kit papers preview

previewrescuemepapers - Brownie Scraps Gallery
 So I've been working on a rescue kit, to eventually be sold to benefit our and possibly other animal rescue groups.
This is how far I have gotten on it, the papers.  My goal for this kit is to have it be generic enough to be used for any LO's that people want, and not have it be all animal related, while still keeping it somewhat animal/pet related, since it is to benefit a pet rescue.

In other pet news, Marigold got adopted today! She went home with a wonderful older lady that wanted a companion. Spunky ( yet calm well mannered Marigold and Spunky Granny I think are a perfect perfect pair and I couldn't be happier for the two of them.

On to my own darling pets. The whole family trooped out to the dog park tonight. Bella of course played and wrestled and had a good old time. Bennie on the other hand got to practice his stay amongst distractions the majority of the time. Apparently Bennie really doesn't like un-neutered male dogs and is quite willing to undertake a pissing contest with them. I mean who could blame him. Its like the other dog was up in his face saying " im more dog than you " and well, Bennie has an ego. He wont usually start it, but if he perceives they are even if they aren't, hell finish it. And hold a grudge.  So we practiced stay. And he did quite well.  Of course, this wouldn't have been necessary if people did the smart thing  and neutered their dogs.  I mean come on people! There are puppies dying every  freaking day. Over 100 some weeks at PACC. Do we really need more puppies from your mutt? Yes hes a cute mutt, but he still doesnt need to be  making puppies.  So cut those things off and do us all a favor.  He'll be cuter when he isnt trying to jump your fence like a frat house player looking for his next score. Or provoking fights with my dog.

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