Sunday, December 28, 2008

A huge welcome to my new Creative Team!!

I just wanted to stop in and give a huge welcome and Congratulation to the two ladies that made it onto my creative team!

Tiffany and Janet - Ladies I am so thankful to have you, and so excited for the things to come! you can check out the gorgeous layouts in the brownie scraps ct call gallery!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Our presents are wrapped, the barbie house is put together, and the kids are asleep. Here is hoping there are happy with what they find tomorrow morning.

Oh, and you know you have a great husband, when he tells you to find him a barbie, so that he can measure the correct height for the lightswitch sticker while putting your daughters barbie house together.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 More Freebie Downloads!

Aren't you all feeling lucky? If not, get in a warm shower and throw a empty shampoo bottle at the wall, making it crash as loud as possible. its very theraputic i promise, it makes it feeling like you are going on a tirade around your house throwing things and venting, which we cant do. But empty shower bottles at shower walls, totally ok. Try it. You'll see. Sorry, I rambled.

Anyway, we have the missing day 13 for you, and we also have a bonus for being so patient waiting for day 13, and we have todays, day 16!

Day 13
Day 16

Hope you enjoy them all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

3 freebies for you

I haven't deserted you all, Donnie has been on vacation last week, and we were spending time together. I am totally freaking over him leaving, and just have not had anything to post

I've got 3 freebies for you today, and 2 new product previews.

FIrst, your 15th day of Christmas

second, my 2 kits for the designer challenge

My Romeo
My Juliet

and last but not least, 2 new tag sets to go with all your projects, these are CU ok!
Tag It! Silver
Tag It! Gold

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is your link to your 8th download, made by Dragonfly Designs!
I would also like to Congratulate the winner of the gallery contest, Mrskatylady! Congrats to her and to all of our finalists!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 7 of the 25 Days of Christmas!

Here is your 7th Download!This one was made by me. And since somehow i missed it yesterday in the middle of all of our errands - Day 6 which was made by Carmen of Crazy Sombereo Designs.

Friday, December 5, 2008

When it rains... it pours....and a new kit and sampler

Ugh, sick kids are no fun. Husbands that are forced to make wills prior to going to Iraq, dont tell you about it, and then come home and hand it to you arent the greatest mood improvers either. Atleast completing lots of layouts and getting a new kit completed are good for the mood. I decided to make a little sampler for you out of this kit. I have had lots of fun destressing time scrapping with it today. I hope you will too! You can pick the full kit up in the Brownie Scraps store. If you download the sampler, I would love it if you left a comment! Reading them really is fun and rewarding.

The sampler includes 4 papers and 5 elements from the kit.

Winter Princess Sampler Pack

This one was done with todays piece, and one of my pieces ( that you guys dont have yet ) of the December collaboration. Don't forget to keep coming back every day to pick up your pieces of the free Mega Kit. This was done for Carmen, the Crazy Sombereo 's Challenge over at Brownie Scraps.
You also still have time to go over and join in the CT competition. It wont close until the end of Sunday, as long as you can get your first challenge layouts in on time, you can still join in.

we now have 2 sick kids, and a 5th download for you

Well we have migrated from 1 sick kid. We now have TWO sick kids. Donnie went to the party last night, and was smart enough to come home saying it was just ok, and would have been better if i was there. You still have till Sunday night to join in our CT call, so if you want to participate, head on over to brownie scraps.

Here is your 5th download, this one made by Sharon of Designs by Sharon. Ive seen what is inside and its awesome.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a quick post this morning, as i go back to a few projects im working on, with a sick girl underfoot. Here is your Day 4 download. It was made by Leslie of Dragonfly designs. Her stuff is always so fun I can't wait to see whats in it!. Her store can be found here She is the quest of hybrid, so you should check out her stuff for your holiday gift ideas!

Also make sure to check my last post for details of our CT call!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brownie Supreme Bake off - CT CALL!!!! and a Free QP

Are you excited by that title? I know I am ! We are having a Huge CT call competition. There are no eliminations, no points, just scrapping, and choosing our new CT members. But we would like to get to know you, and this will give you time to get to know us, and get comfortable in our community. And that is important, because we want our CT to be active in the awesome Brownie Scraps Community!

So to enter here is what you need to do, go to this thread, and read all the details and follow the instructions =). We will be looking for general store CTs, as well as CTs that will specialize for each designer. Each designer will be looking for 1-2, so thats 8-16 spots. We will also have few general store CTs, so as you can see, since right now we only have 4 people, that is a big gap to fill! Personally I will be looking for 2 people to specialize as my CT. So if you like my products, please GO SIGN UP. Being on the CT will not only give you access to ALL my products for free, but the entire store!

Speaking of my products, I have a new kit coming out this weekend for this weeks designer challenge. Here is a quick page i did for you of it! and the kit preview. Pick up the kit for free here for this week only

Your 3rd Christmas gift!

Are you guys having as much fun with this as i am!! Todays part is by Eileen, of LeenieLouWho Designs! Her stuff is always fantastic so I cant wait to see whats inside todays download. You can also check out her store HERE

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas... and a CU grab bag reveal!

Good morning! Did everyone enjoy the goodies in our download yesterday! i know i sure did! And now we have day 2 for you! Plus I have a brand new Commercial Use grab bag for you, and a Reveal of Novembers CU grab bag!

So, as they say - On with the show!

Day 2 of the 25 Days of Christmas - this one was made by the amazingly talented Bethany of Scrappin Daisies! I love her stuff, especially her girly stuff. So if you have a girly girl like i do, you should definitely check out her store! Shes also got two great Christmas Kits for you guys!

Here is what is in my November Grab Bag , you can pick it up in the store HERE

And don't forget to pick up the brand new December Grab bag! Its 50 % off till January when the contents will be revealed!

Monday, December 1, 2008

DAY 1 of 25 days of FREEBIES!!

Do you love free digikits? then have we got a sweet brownie scraps deal for you! 25 days of mini kits to make one huge MEGA freebie! its our December Designer Collaboration! Come to the store blog, several of the designers blogs,( including right here! ) each day this month ( it will be the same link each place, just multiple places for you to find it ) and you will get a huge kit for free free free!

Do you want to help someone else get THREE kits for FREE? then vote on the top left of this page for one of my contest finalists!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Few Layouts for you! And a contest reminder

I've a few layouts to share with you from a few of my kits. Also a reminder that the contest to win free kits ends today. you MUST load your layouts made with my products to the Brownie Scraps gallery by the end of today for them to count. And thats all you have to do to enter. Put them in the Dreamer*s Magic Designs section of the gallery.

This first layout was made with Horse Crazy, and the second was made with Moonlit Dreams.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Horse Crazy

Well i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and shopped to their hearts content yesterday! I know i had a ton of fun over at Brownie Scraps!

My Horse Crazy kit is up in the store Free for ya now, as well as 10 other designers challenge kits! so go pick them up! If you make a layout with my kit, id really love it if you put it in the gallery over there. And if you do it before the end of November you could win your choice of 3 of my kits for free!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lots of Free stuff for you tomorrow, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok bear with me this is going to be a huge post, because i have tons of free stuff and important information for you guys.
First things first, I hope everyone has a great wonderful Thanksgiving, full of things that you are Thankful for. And that everyones turkeys turns out perfect, no one spills an entire container of salt in the mashed potatoes the first time you cook for your new in-laws, and all that good stuff. ( yes, ive done it. )

Second, you have to come by Brownie Scraps tomorrow. you HAVE to. Why? Cause we have tons of games, no long lines, no item snatchers ( crazy black friday people! ) and SALES! our ENTIRE store will be 25 % off. Plus we have scrap bingo, speed scraps ( i am hosting one at 2pm EST. ) Scrap Ramona's leftovers, and a scavenger hunt. The winner of the scavenger hunt gets $15 s to spend in the store! Plus there are prizes for participating in everything.

For doing my speed scrap, you can get my new CU/PU Christmas Glitters set for FREE.
Also, Tomorrow Night or Saturday morning all the Designer Challenge kits should go into the store. This weeks theme was childhood! So that will be like another 20 kits for you to pick up for free!!!!! Mine is the horse kit previewed in my last post. It will be free all week! ( ill add a link to it once it goes into the store )

Second, I have a Brand new kit to unveil for you! and i am giving it to you for free for tomorrow only!!! I worked really hard on this kit, and I hope you like it. I also have a free quick page for you from it. So please, come pick up some free goodies, then come scrap with them with us tomorrow at Brownie Scraps!

Moonlit Dreams

Here is your Quick Page
Here is your Bingo Card

Last but not least, Don't forget that starting on December first, the Brownie Scraps designers will have a download of 3 or 4 pieces of a HUGE HUGE HUGE mega kit every day for you for 25 days! We are calling it the 25 days of Christmas, its our biggest Collaboration ever and FREE as our gift to you! I will have the links for you here every day, as well as they will be on some of our other designer blogs and in our forums.

Phew! I think I covered everything! Oh and don't forget that the contest to put layouts in my gallery of things you have made with my products runs till the end of the month, and dont forget to come back here Dec 1st to help vote for a winner! Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving, and happy Scrap Friday to all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Check out the new clothes!

How do you like my new look?? *cyber twirl in front of the world wide mirror * - My blog is newly decorated with pieces of my brand new kit, that I did for this weeks designer challenge at Brownie Scraps. Our assignment this week was to do a kit about childhood, and since for me horses were my big thing growing up ( and still today ) i did a kit that i am calling Horse Crazy! You will be able to get it FREE in the store next Friday and running for a week as free, then on sale.

Speaking of next Friday, we have a ton of things planned for you next week at Brownie Scraps on Black Friday. Although I guess that is now technically this week isn't it? Anyway, Our entire store is going to be on sale %25 off all day! Plus Speed Scraps ( im hosting one at 2 EST ), a Scavenger hunt, and a Bingo . All with prizes for winning, participation, and just lots of fun. Free Stuff, Sales, and Scrapping. It doesn't get much better than that!

Here is a Preview of the new kit, but you will have to wait till Friday to snag it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally a New kit and New Freebie!

I haven't deserted you guys, I promise. It has just been a busy week. I have 2 freebies and a new kit to launch today! Bri was sick this week, and of course to a 5 year old, that means that the world is ending. So she and her brother have kept me running all week waiting on " the little princess " as she has taken to calling herself. She has also really been acting up even before she got sick. But even the doctor commented on how incredibly smart she is, so i really think that part of her behavior issues is related to her being so dang smart, that she just thinks of very creative ways to try things, that she shouldnt do. I think I need to find a way to challenge her brain more, in more constructive ways.

Last night we had Heidi ( the kids sitter ) come over and watch the kids, so we could go see Twilight. It was pretty good. Ive seen all the yucky reviews, and yeah it was funny at times at serious moments cause of the way it was acted, but i sort of think it was supposed to be that way. It was an unbelieveable story, that was almost real. And there was a lot of laughs in the book. It only makes sense that that was translated onto the screen. It should have been longer, so that they could have really gone more in depth to it. Yes, it lost some of the book because we werent reading the thoughts as much, and it was just impossible i think to really translate to the screen, what an amazing thing that series is. But it was a pretty good attempt. And I dont think that a lot of the laughs were so much because of the acting, as it was that we knew what thoughts were behind the moments. I think most people that see it, are people that have read the book, and so we KNOW. We know what they are thinking, and feeling, and trying not to do. So it just somehow leads to laughter seeing those moments played out in front of us.

I think that Rob did a great job as Edward. There were moments where he wasnt what i pictured, but thats probably because the guy i pictured isnt real. You could definitely see some of Midnight Sun in his acting of certain moments. He really took what he learned from that, and played it from that perspective instead of twilights perspective as far as what he showed expression and emotion wise. And I think that will be difficult for some people that havent read midnight sun to understand, because it isnt strict to what they learned in twilight. Anyway, apart from one scene that annoyed me as far as changes go, i loved it!

Anyway, onto the freebies!
We are doing our designer challenge for you again over at Brownie Scraps, so I will have a new freebie every week for the next 8 weeks ( they come out on fridays ! )
Here is this weeks. I am calling it Forget the Blues, because to me it is very cheerful and happy! Its available in the Brownie Scraps store for Free this week. and will be $2 next week and on.

Here is my Brand new kit. It is sort of fantasy, soft, sparkly and magical! It will be great for winter pictures, spring pictures, little girl pictures, and even some little boy pictures. I really hope you like it. I also made some quick pages to give you from this kit. You can pick the kit up in the store, and the quick pages here

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Commercial Use Freebie Sampler

I have got a TON of stuff for you guys tonight! and not just my stuff either!

1) head over to Brownie Scraps, and pick up Ramona's Snow Buddies kit for free, its got some great snowmen! its free through tomorrow.
2) Head over to Bethany of Scrappin Daisies Blog ( its in my list to the left ) and give her a suggestion on a kit name. if she picks yours or you are a runner up, you get the kit free! its a great Christmas kit too!
3 ) download the sampler of my Commercial Use Products.

I have recently been working on expanding my Commercial Use product line, and I have some great stuff for you guys. I have made a FREE sampler, including 1 piece from each of my CU kits and a bonus, so its 5 pieces! So you basically get to try them all for free! Then if you like them and want more, the kits are all available at Brownie Scraps! I've got some really cool holiday kits for your own layouts, or cards, or holiday kits you are making! I would love to hear what you think of them! Here are some Previews for you.

I have a 10 piece Grab bag for you this month, it will get opened up and revealed next month and will still be available for purchase. This month it is available ( starting tomorrow, ill add a link as soon as it gets loaded into the store ) for $2.50. Once it is revealed in December, the cost will be $5. Still a great price for 10 commercial use items, and I included PSD files to make it easier for you to recolor each layer.

Free Sampler

Sorry, I didnt get a chance tonight to make a preview of just the sampler, so you will just have to be surprised! Here are the kits they are pulled out of though.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What I am Working on

I first want to say thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post, they have really helped pull me out of my blue mood, and make me not feel so alone.

Secondly, I wanted to update to what I am working on, and thats actually a few things :

First off, we are going to be doing a very special 25 Days of Christmas over at Brownie Scraps. There will be a download for each day, and each days download will have a few goodies for you. They will all be in holiday theme, and with the same color palate, so if you download them all, you will have a HUGE kit for FREE! and these wont just be page items, we are doing gift tags, and all kinds of FUN holiday stuff for you guys. I really hope that you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying making it for you. You will find stuff from all the great Brownie Scraps designers in there, so there will definitely be some good stuff.

Also, I am working on a kit that was inspired by my shower curtain ( yes, its true ) but it will be another soft kit, sort of like Heirloom romance, so I hope you guys like it. I am hoping to get that done by the end of this weekend, but I am not sure.

I got my calendar for 2009 done that i am gonna order for our family, and I am hoping to turn that into 13 quick pages to give away for free as well for you guys. So keep checking back for those also. It will have a little bit from all my kits to give you a nice feel of my stuff. Plus will make for some quick holiday gifts if you are short on time like i am!

Well i have to go chase down my 2 year old ( dont ask, what isnt he into today? ) so check back soon!
Oh and while you are waiting for me to create some new stuff, go visit Ramona's blog, and pick up her free word art, plus her new kit is going to be free also!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veterans Day...... Unsung Heroes Freebie

Well tomorrow is Veterans Day, and the closer we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas the more I am stressing and worrying about my husband deploying the first week in January. The holidays have sort of been ruined for me this year, I just cant seem to make myself look forward to them.

I decided to make a kit about it, and as a gift, I am putting the word art contained in the kit ( as well as the two elements shown on the word art preview ) available for free. To top it off, the full kit is on sale for %50 for Veterans Day on November 11th and 12th. I hope you enjoy it. *** editing to add that the typo on the preview on " breath " isnt on the word art in the download, so dont let that stop you from downloading, i just havent redone the preview ( thanks Janet! ) Click the links below to download

Word Art

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Candlelight Love Story.... Ironic, a bit

Click the Quickpage to Download it
Click the Kit to see it in the store!

So I finally finished my nice , warm colored, warm feeling, happy, lovey dovey kit. It is definitely romantic. The Irony? Id like to bash my husbands head in with my computer screen this morning. Of course i wont, and never would. But I definitely find it just a tad ironic the timing. Anyway, I hope things are a bit happier in your homes today, and here is the preview of the new kit you can pick up at Brownie Scraps ( 25 % off the next 3 days! ) and a quick page for you guys! Men Suck. Click the Pictures to download, the kit and the quickpage respectively.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Bit A Pillow - New Free Kit

Ok, I Bit A Pillow is all upload and ready for your guys over at Brownie Scraps, and FREE!! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!
Here is the Link to the kit in the store, and in case you don't feel like going down to the next post, here is the quick page listed down there.

Quick Page

Layouts with my Twilight Inspired kit! And a Quick Page

Click the Quick Page Preview Below to Download!

So i've been playing around with my new kit, and then this morning over at Brownie Scraps Eileen posted her challenge to do a layout all in red! It was like an open invitation to play with my new kit ( which you can find over at Brownie Scraps now for FREE! ) I loved my layout I did, but i took it a few steps farther, and made it into a ( not quite all red ) quickpage for you guys!

Plus, also for Eileen's monthly template challenge, I used this kit also! I am loving this kit!