Sunday, October 5, 2008

I named Bethany's Kit!

So after I finished posting yesterday, I headed over to Bethany of Scrapin Daisy's Blog ( have you yet? you should !~ ) and saw she had a link up for her new kit, AND that I had won the contest for naming that kit! I got this wonderful huge kit for FREE for winning. And let me tell you, as someone that just scrapped her first layout with it, this kit is jam packed with all kinds of stuff! A albums worth of stuff! stars and stripes and circles and colors that are great for boys or girls! This kit can definetely be a staple in any digiscrappers diet. So go check it out here. I decided to scrap some older pictures of Lucas with it, from when we found a stray cat this summer. What do you think?

While I am sharing, let me show ya some photos of the great dogs we had out at Oktoberfest this weekend. My " other " kids so to speak.

This is Tex. Tex is a Sharpei mix and he decided it was naptime. I was really pleased how this one came out, cause i actually zoomed through the bars of his crate to get this one.
Tex takes a nap

Hmmm, this is gonna be a big post if i keep adding pictures isnt it? I will give you a slideshow! ( see told ya I was brilliant )

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