Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am *almost* speechless.

So, the plan at Brownie scraps was to take the month of February off for Collabs, so that we could get ahead for march ( which is already looking great by the way ). So last night, Ramona called a designer meeting. And the purpose for this meeting, was to unveil to me what had really been going on ( they are sneaky i tell you! ) They did a collab behind my back for february, to honor myself, and all the other military familys that sit home, waiting for the day we can welcome our loved ones home. I was completely moved to tears. They also all wrote little letters to me, that just made me feel so good, on a day that i was having such a rough day. I love my Brownie Girls dearly.

Now, the collab has gone into the store, and you can get it for FREE, just by making any purchase in the store today ( for the first 50 customers ***** After making your purchase, watch your emailbox and within 24 hours you will get a coupon in the email, to get the collab for free. more than likely it will be there within an hour, but it will definitely be there within 24 hours.Do NOT put the collab in your cart with your origion purchase, or it will charge full price, please wait for the coupon. thanks!)

I also love that they put 1 perfect yellow ribbon, in with this kit. Here is a layout i did with it as soon as they gave it to me. Ive turned it into a quick page for you. I hope that you love this kit, as much as i do. It was hard to decide which pieces to use, because there are so many awesome ones. I will definitely be making several more layouts with it, and its very versatile, it would do great for non welcome home/military pictures also. I have removed the tittle and text on the quick page

Now, on to the rest of the stuff for today. Timeless, the Collection is finished and in the store! as well as two new templates!! Plus im putting my entire store on sale for 50% off!!! so please come on over and take a look. I have also listed the Album, kit, and Alpha seperately in the store as well, for those of you that do not want the entire collection, but it is a better deal if you get the collection!

I am also leaving the free sampler in the store for 1 more day, if you want to try it before you buy it!

Click on the template pictures, to see them in the store

wheeew! think that is everything. Guess i sort of said a lot for someone almost speechless....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lots and lots of goodies to show you tomorrow!!!

We are two days away from our bake sale! and im soooo excited for it this week. ive got some awesome new products for you this week, including the full kit that i gave the sampler for last week! I am thrilled with how it turned out and my awesome CT Janet and Tiffany have been having a blast with it, so i cant wait to reveal it all to you tomorrow!! I'll also have atleast something free for you tomorrow, so be sure to stop back by! In the mean time, here are a few layouts to share with you.

This first one, is the example for one of the new templates I'm unveiling tomorrow. It was made with the kit Jenebee

Next, is the example layout for the other template I am releasing tomorrow. This layout was done with " Enchanted Twilight "

This next layout, is one of the quick pages in the Quick Album that will be included with Timeless, which is getting released tomorrow!!
This layout is done with a kit called This Little piggy, and its by Designs By Ramona. Im using this layout as an example for our bakers technique challenge for february, so be sure to come join us for the challenge!

This layout is from another of Ramona's great kits, called Simply Gratefull

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So i really wanted to have a brand new kit out for you guys today, and just didnt get it all done. But what I have done for you, is put together a taste test of the kit im working on! I really hope you guys like it! click the link to go pick it up for free HERE. There is a coupon in the sampler, so that you can pick up the full collection ( kit, alpha and album ! ) for just $2.00 when its released next thursday!

Also be sure and check out the brand new Quick Album for Just One Of The Guys, to get all your photobooks done in a flash!

Last, I want to show you some layouts I did with an awesome new kit by Leslie, DragonFly Designs. Click the preview to visit it in the store.

Monday, January 19, 2009

50 Percent off everything!!

Do you see all of the great changes over at brownie scraps?? well stop in and see and take advantage of the storewide 50 % off sale!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We've got a secret suprise for you! and freebies too! ( day 13 )

So we have a very cool suprise for you, and here it is!! come back each night to 1) see more of the puzzle revealed, and 2 ) get a second chance at the brownie bytes through our blog train leading up to the big unveiling of our suprise!Dragonfly DesignsDreamers Magic DesignsScrappin Daisies DesignsBrownie SupremesDesigns by Ramona

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saying goodbye to old favorites, and hello to new kits

So once again, ive got a bunch for you. Layouts, Kits, and a retirement bundle. Its gonna be a great bake sale Thursday!

First, the new kits! This first one is called " just one of the guys". Its on sale for the bake sale for %50 off! Click the kits to purchase for just $1.50!

i made this following layout into a quick page for you. its part of a 2 quick page set, one from each of the two new kits!

Here is a layout Tiffany, one of my CT members did with this kit. Isnt it awesome?

and this is the other new kit " Enchanted Twilight. I made the following layout into a quickpage also for part of the set for you. This kit is also on sale, for the bake sale day only, for %50 off. so be sure to pick them both up, basically for the cost of 1! Quick Page Set

And lastly, I have bundled up a lot of my older kits, and am retiring them on February 1st, 2009. Between Thursday 1/15, and the day they retire you can pick them up for a bargin price of just $5 for 12 kits!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tomorrow is Brownie Bake Sale Day again! And im bundling up some great packages for this sale for you!
Here is a CU sampler for you, and then if you like it be sure to go pick up my January grab bag that this is a sample of. You can get it alone, or as part of the great CU bundle!

**editing to add link to CU Bundle

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Im still here

Ive been reading the P & PT posted to me today, around the various places i visit, and do want to say thank you. They havent gone unnoticed, and they are appreciated.

Im ok. Or i will be. It will just take time. He was very sweet to me as he was leaving, and that helped. Lucas is also still blissfully unaware, and that helps too. Bri is doing good too, i think she also doesnt realize how long he is going to be gone yet. She seems to think hes just away for the day.

Ive finally gotten up the nerve to research his base, and also research the rumors of wi-fi we had been hearing. and from what ive found it looks like wi-fi is there and up and running, i even found one person make a comment that they were able to play wow on it, so that gives me lots of hope that communications will be much better than we had hoped for, and will help this time pass.

Im very tired, and spending lots of time in the bathroom, but i know this is just how my body deals with him leaving, and it was expected. In some ways it is a releif, because i dont have to dread it anymore . its here. now to just get it done with. 122 days and he will hopefully be on his way home. Depending on flights we should have him back the begining of may.

I know he loves me, and the kids. and he knows we love him. I will be hearing from him when he gets to his first airport tonight, and will try and update again soon.

thank you for the understanding, and the well wishes. they do mean a lot to me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New year.... lots of new stuff

Well, I think by now most of you know that I have not been looking forward to the new year, and what it is bringing for our family. But regardless, a new year it is. And I have a brand new kit for you, as well as some truly awesome sales!
Quick Page

I did this kit inspired by my "sister", who i call Jenebee. Here are two layouts I did with it, and I made a quick page for you guys from one of them . I made these layouts for my January Double Chocolate Chunk Challenge at Brownie Scraps, Jump on over and participate, you earn brownie points that you can use to buy stuff in the store!My awesome creative team did some layouts for me as well, check our gallery to see them

Also, I am having huge sales in my store! Ive bundled up 6 CU products for you for a huge bargain, but this sale is just for 36 hours, so get it fast! Ive also bundled two different pairs of kits and put them on sale two for the price of one! So go check them out. I also think Bethany is putting her ENTIRE store on sale, you dont want to miss that! I know i will be going shopping, she has some great brand new kits going into the store for the new year.

You can also pick up my brand new January CU grab bag ( which is also included in the sale bundle! )
CU Bundle

Brianna's Bouquet and Dirt Covered Angel Bundle
Enchanted Winter Night and Winter Princess bundle