Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rescue Me - First For Sale Kit! ( and a great cause too! )

So I did it. I finished the Rescue kit that made me want to start this digiscrap designing in the first place. ( and i'm really glad I did cause i sure am having a lot of fun with it! ) I hope you like the kit as much as I do. Cause personally, I love this kit. I love the theme, and I love the rich colors.

Ive put " Rescue Me " up for sale on Ebay. ( thanks for the idea Carmen! ). Since Celebrate Baby isnt in the Brownie Scraps store anymore, I've put it up there also. So if you missed that one, you can get it there!

I will be donating $1 for every Rescue Me kit sold to Cold Wet Noses. I might end up donating more than that, but right now im trying to atleast break even on the commercial use stuff ive bought trying to get started on designing ( i just cant seem to make pretty bows without CU stuff yet ) So it will just depend on how many kits sell.

**Edited to add that these kits are no longer available on Ebay, but will debut in the Browniescraps.com store on November first!

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Jenni said...

Oh I need to look into that whole ebay thing!!! What a great idea!