Monday, February 23, 2009

A Important announcement, A freebie and a chance to win

So ive got a LOT of stuff for you guys today, bare with me this is gonna be a long post. First off,
We are releasing a brand new service at Brownie Scraps. I am going to be offering a custom scrapbook/photobook/ page/layout service. Available as full albums, or single pages, digital only or printed. If you are a fan of my work, hopefully you are also a fan of my layout abilities, and I hope you will let me work for you. Please visit the information page, to get a complete overview of the services I am offering.

To Celebrate the debut of this service, I am offering a $25 Gift Certificate to the custom designs shop.
How to win
If you want to be entered, respond with a comment to this post, and I will randomly draw a number on March 1st. The winner will be announced here on the blog, and the winner will be able to contact me to get their gift certificate through PM feature. Tell your friends to come enter also. The gift certificate may be given to someone else if you win and know someone that will get better use of it than you, and will not be valid on printed single pages.

Speaking of exciting new things at Brownie Scraps, there is another exciting event going on! we are looking for guest CTs, for a 3 month term! So if you like my kits, or the other designers kits, be sure and go sign up!

Now if you made it through all this information, hopefully signed up for the CT call, hopefully looked over my services page, and will atleast consider reccomending it to your non scrap-talented friends, here is a freebie for you! this freebie will be up till wed evening, and then thursday morning it will be in the store at Brownie Scraps. Its called By The River ** free period expired** visit in store here

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music to my Ears

I just wanted to show you guys Bethany's great new kit! Its called music to my ears and I cant wait to scrap with it! it just wont be today cause we are scheduled to have a stupid power outtage most of the day.
You can pick up a free sampler of this kit in her store.

Also Check out Ramona's new kit, shes come up with a really great way to give it to you for incredible savings. This kit is going to be priced at 7.95 once it is revealed, but right now , while all you can see is the color palate, its only $3.00! folks ive seen the kit and its gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unconditional....A kit about love, and hope, for a great cause.

First, Ive been working on this kit, really since i started designing scrap kits, because this is the reason that i branched out into kits, instead of siggys. I Volunteer with a rescue group here in tucson that takes as many dogs as we can each day, off the kill list at our local shelter, and puts them in our network of foster homes until they can be matched with their forever families.

Now, the ironic thing with this kit finally being ready and being released tonight, is that normally i just volunteer and dont foster, because donnie really isnt on board with the fostering thing. But i found out last night that one of the dogs we saved last week was going to possibly have to go into a boarding kennel until we could find another foster, because her foster mom was 9 months pregnant and having complications. 2 weeks ago this girl was facing death, came into her home so uncertain and had been making great progress, and was about to face a very confusing situation for her. So.... we have a temporary resident at our house. Meet Olive:

She will be ready for her new family soon, so if you are in the tucson area and would like to meet her, let me know!
Now onto the kit!
This can be purchased as either a full collection of the kit and the album, or they can be purchased seperately. 100% of the proceeds of this kit/collection/album will go to Tuscon Cold Wet Noses ( Petfinder Website)

I am giving you guys one of the album pages for free! ( click the link to download )

Click the previews to visit them in the store

Here are some layouts our fantastic CT did for with this kit, as you can see its very versatile

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sampler - Unconditional

click the picture to visit in the store

Its Bake sale day again tomorrow! And i have another taste test sampler for you! This time its of the Brand New Charity Kit, coming out next week, called Unconditional. All proceeds from this collection ( and the individual pieces ) will benefit Tucson Cold Wet Noses here in Tucson!

I am also revealing my January Grab Bags contents, AND putting up the new February Grab bag! and as a thank you to my customers, I am starting out the Feb. bag as revealed but still at the regular 50% off for the debut month!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Award!

This morning i was so pleasantly suprised to recieve an award from Janie at Janie's Jewels and Jems. To have this be given because someone loves my work so much, is just such a huge compliment, that I am very thankfull for. I've never done this award thing before, but apparently I am now supposed to give this award out to 5 people.

Of course there are so many people i could give it to, im lucky to be surounded by such a wonderful team - both our design team, and our creative team. So if I could, I would give it to all of you. But since I cant

Ramona: You are an inspiration to us all. You put in so many hours making Brownie scraps happen, and we can never thank you enough. and on top of it you put out gorgeous kits and take care of gorgeous kids. You really are super woman.

Bethany: You have the sweetest personallity of anyone I have ever met. I think you are a calming influence on all of us.

Leslie: You are just too cool! you make this nifty hybrid things that I am totally clueless about, but you have inspired me to get a new printer, so I can figure it out.

Eileen: Our tech Godess, without you, the site and store wouldnt run. And you head up our CT. You are definitely another Super Woman, and Super Scrapper.

Ok i lied, its gonna have to be 6 not 5. I cant leave out either of my wonderful amazing CT

Janet - you are such a encouragement to me, and wonderful friend. every time i get frustrated you kick my butt back into gear. Every time im unsure , you reasure me. and you let me cuss all night about stupid men. totoally a plus!

Tiffany - your layouts are stunning, and you are so enthusastic! I am so glad to have you on our team!