Monday, October 6, 2008

Flu shots and Pizza Parties

My husband had to go get the flu mist for work. He had no say in this. Obviously neither did I. And now, who is getting sick? You got it, me. My throat is sore, I'm starting to feel feverish, and stuffy. How is it that it always works out this way. If the kids are sick, I catch it and he stays fine. Of course, if he does get sick, the clinic here on base will get him in imediately. God forbid he be sick. Me? if i call not feeling well, or for anything i'll get told i can go to urgent care, or i will get a triage call back within 72 hours. Yeah. Right. And that is our oh so wonderful Tricare at work.

Of course, even with not feeling well, that doesn't exempt me from errands. Bri's birthday is in a few weeks and she wants a pizza party " like Mia ". So we went to Peter Piper Pizza today, and booked her party. Needlessly to say I have an excited little girl begging me every 30 seconds to help her fill out her invitations. Who cares that mommy doesn't feel good.

Donnie will be home shortly, and we are off to go get Halloween Costumes for the kids. So hopefully will have some good pictures later. Or a nap. A nap would be good to.

Like the elements and papers in my sig I did at the top of this post? You will be able to pick them up for free next week in the Brownie Scraps store. I'll throw up a link when it goes up. They were part of my challenge entry for this week.

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