Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wow.... the party is officially over! and was a wonderful success. Not only Bri, but all her school friends seemed to have a great time, and my nice girl was back, which meant mommy even had a good time. All the other parents were also WONDERFUL about pitching in and helping, and the whole thing went off without a single hitch, other than Lucas getting scared on the Merry Go Round. I took a lot of great pictures, and hope to get them uploaded sometime within the next few days... but first I need to finish the kit I've been working on.

Of course as soon as we got home, Donnie informed me he got invited to go to a Madden Tournament at a coworkers house, and I was of course oh so thrilled that he was leaving to go do that after the busy week weve had. Ive got a lot of things to get done around here, and this kit i want to finish, and presents to get opened and put away, and just ugh! So when the kids woke up from their nap, i texted him, and asked him how much longer hed be, and he told me a while, but that he would come get the kids!

I am home ALONE!!! no kids! sure its not the time with Donnie that I was hoping for today, but he promised me that for tomorrow, which means right now, its just me! Its been MONTHS since ive been home without anyone else here. And its pretty nice if you ask me. In an hour ive managed to go try and pick up Don's uniforms ( stupid people closing early on saturdays! ) unload and load the dishwasher, wash a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry, clean our room where the puppy chewed stuffing out of something ( god only knows what ) put the curtains back up that she pulled down while in her kennel ( do you get the impression yet she manages to get destructive a bit while left in her kennel? ) open and put away all the presents, take out the trash left over from putting away said presents, take some pictures for some new textures for making kits , oh and make this post!

So I figure I should have atleast another hour left on my own, and then in about an hour after that we have to head out the door to watch Donnie play football. I am hoping with this time I might manage to get this kit finished, or at the very least make some more headway on it. Papers are done, I just need to finish the elements. All I will tell you about this kit for now is that it is going to be great for both boys and girls and its a little bit fun and a little bit classy and a little bit grungy all thrown together!

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