Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally a New kit and New Freebie!

I haven't deserted you guys, I promise. It has just been a busy week. I have 2 freebies and a new kit to launch today! Bri was sick this week, and of course to a 5 year old, that means that the world is ending. So she and her brother have kept me running all week waiting on " the little princess " as she has taken to calling herself. She has also really been acting up even before she got sick. But even the doctor commented on how incredibly smart she is, so i really think that part of her behavior issues is related to her being so dang smart, that she just thinks of very creative ways to try things, that she shouldnt do. I think I need to find a way to challenge her brain more, in more constructive ways.

Last night we had Heidi ( the kids sitter ) come over and watch the kids, so we could go see Twilight. It was pretty good. Ive seen all the yucky reviews, and yeah it was funny at times at serious moments cause of the way it was acted, but i sort of think it was supposed to be that way. It was an unbelieveable story, that was almost real. And there was a lot of laughs in the book. It only makes sense that that was translated onto the screen. It should have been longer, so that they could have really gone more in depth to it. Yes, it lost some of the book because we werent reading the thoughts as much, and it was just impossible i think to really translate to the screen, what an amazing thing that series is. But it was a pretty good attempt. And I dont think that a lot of the laughs were so much because of the acting, as it was that we knew what thoughts were behind the moments. I think most people that see it, are people that have read the book, and so we KNOW. We know what they are thinking, and feeling, and trying not to do. So it just somehow leads to laughter seeing those moments played out in front of us.

I think that Rob did a great job as Edward. There were moments where he wasnt what i pictured, but thats probably because the guy i pictured isnt real. You could definitely see some of Midnight Sun in his acting of certain moments. He really took what he learned from that, and played it from that perspective instead of twilights perspective as far as what he showed expression and emotion wise. And I think that will be difficult for some people that havent read midnight sun to understand, because it isnt strict to what they learned in twilight. Anyway, apart from one scene that annoyed me as far as changes go, i loved it!

Anyway, onto the freebies!
We are doing our designer challenge for you again over at Brownie Scraps, so I will have a new freebie every week for the next 8 weeks ( they come out on fridays ! )
Here is this weeks. I am calling it Forget the Blues, because to me it is very cheerful and happy! Its available in the Brownie Scraps store for Free this week. and will be $2 next week and on.

Here is my Brand new kit. It is sort of fantasy, soft, sparkly and magical! It will be great for winter pictures, spring pictures, little girl pictures, and even some little boy pictures. I really hope you like it. I also made some quick pages to give you from this kit. You can pick the kit up in the store, and the quick pages here


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Carmen, the Crazy Sombrero said...

Hi honey!!!
love your quickpages they are gorgeous and elegant. ramona and I wer pming each other and said we wish we could make elegant kits like yours..just finished downloading..i'look for some photos for them. thanks for the freebie!!!

Anonymous said...

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