Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are you ready for something new?

I promise I haven't deserted you all! I know I havent posted much this week, but I havent had to much to post with our current daily downloads over, but you can still pick up Dream Garden for free over at Brownie Scraps and I do have a brand new ( also free ) kit queued up to be added for free over there also! It should be up in the next day or two, and then I will post a preview here for you. It was inspired by the Twilight Series, so I really hope you all like it.

Our Anniversary was yesterday, and for the most part we had a nice quiet day, atleast as quiet of a day as you can have on election day. After the kids went to bed we had a date in, and it was nice. When the Twilight movie comes out, we are gonna go out and see that to really celebrate.

I hope all is well with you, and keep checking back - I will be posting the links for the free Twilight inspired kit as soon as its posted to the store!

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