Thursday, August 13, 2009

I dont think it is exactly a coincidence that on the day my oldest starts kindergarten i find time to sit down and tell you about my new releases. I think her brother and i are both a bit bewildered not having her here to argue with and boss us around.

Anyway, If you didnt pick up my kits Not So Tough, and Another Day in Paradise and Build a Calendar and the grunged up photo enhancements while they were bundled up for 35% savings for the pre - release party you can find them in the store now! they have been officially released.

As a reminder, you have until next week - aug 19th to get in any pre-release layouts with Oh Me Oh My to be entered for the chance to win a gift certificate to my store for the pre-release layouts!

You can see all the pretty previews and layouts of the kits that were just released, as well as their links ( they are active again now for the kits that have been released ) in the past few posts!

Happy Scrapping!

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daisydilly (vicki) said...

picked up the Build-a-Calendar kit and I love it,however I'm not sure what size you made your pages. Did you do it all on one sheet or 2? I'm making mine 2 (5x7) sheets just not sure I like that look

Kelly said...

I did my preview image as 2 pages - 8.5x11 each. if you are trying to do a 5x7 you could do the same but if you are putting it in a bragbook you might need to find one that is top fold instead of side fold.

Sibylle said...

Just wondering if there is a link to your store that I missed on your blog. Can't seem to find it. (:

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

if you hit "home " on the right hand side, you can then go to the Shop page - ill work on getting a more direct link up