Thursday, July 9, 2009

No yelling allowed!!

I know i know, Its been far to long since ive posted and updated. No yelling and no throwing things! I havent abandoned you all, or abandoned posting, i promise. Donnie came home from Iraq, and took a month off and so ive been spending time with him.

Then now that hes back at work ive been busy busy busy designing some new stuff for you all! Now thats the good news - ive got 2 brand new kits all done for you. The maybe bad news? you have to wait till August for them. Why August - because its summer, and hot, and your kids are out of school, and pools look way more enticing than computers and beaches or whatever fun things you are occupying yourself with this summer while i hide indoors from the Arizona heat.

But let me tell you, having all this gorgeous product ready for you and not giving it to you yet is hard for me!! So when it comes time to finally release them, we are gonna have a great big party!!
Details will be coming soon, but in the begining of august we are gonna have a great big Pre-Release party, where you can pick up all the kits im releasing in august ( about one a week i hope ) together, before they hit the stores for good. They will be able to be purchased during the 24 hour party, but then will be gone from the store until their respective thursday release dates. Oh and they will also be in a discounted bundle if you want them all so this is a party you do NOT want to miss. And you dont even have to hire a babysitter.

So no new kits till august, I have disapeared, but i promise, it will be worth the wait!

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