Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Award!

This morning i was so pleasantly suprised to recieve an award from Janie at Janie's Jewels and Jems. To have this be given because someone loves my work so much, is just such a huge compliment, that I am very thankfull for. I've never done this award thing before, but apparently I am now supposed to give this award out to 5 people.

Of course there are so many people i could give it to, im lucky to be surounded by such a wonderful team - both our design team, and our creative team. So if I could, I would give it to all of you. But since I cant

Ramona: You are an inspiration to us all. You put in so many hours making Brownie scraps happen, and we can never thank you enough. and on top of it you put out gorgeous kits and take care of gorgeous kids. You really are super woman.

Bethany: You have the sweetest personallity of anyone I have ever met. I think you are a calming influence on all of us.

Leslie: You are just too cool! you make this nifty hybrid things that I am totally clueless about, but you have inspired me to get a new printer, so I can figure it out.

Eileen: Our tech Godess, without you, the site and store wouldnt run. And you head up our CT. You are definitely another Super Woman, and Super Scrapper.

Ok i lied, its gonna have to be 6 not 5. I cant leave out either of my wonderful amazing CT

Janet - you are such a encouragement to me, and wonderful friend. every time i get frustrated you kick my butt back into gear. Every time im unsure , you reasure me. and you let me cuss all night about stupid men. totoally a plus!

Tiffany - your layouts are stunning, and you are so enthusastic! I am so glad to have you on our team!

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Brown Family said...

Kelly! You are so sweet! I'm the one who's forunate to be able to work with you on a daily basis! Thank you for this honor!